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Our Pulik will capture your heart!

They are NOT dogs, they are PULIK!

They are active, playful, extremely smart, loyal and eager to please. It's that "Puli personality" that is unmatched by any other breed. Not kidding! Check with any Puli owner, they will agree. They manage to make you smile anytime!

The Puli is not the fluffy type. They have nice long cords, or dread-locks that gives them that unique look.

If you're looking for an active, smart and cheerful companion, and like attention when walking your dog, with the Puli you'll get it for sure! People will turn their heads after your dog. - OOPS, It's not a dog, it's a PULI! - They are very good with other animals, kids and very people oriented, loyal dogs. Always in a good mood to cheer you up. ;o)

Originally they are herding dogs. They believed to be hypo-allergenic, although there is no scientific data that proves that. Their coat NATURALLY FORMS CORDS, so normally you DO NOT need to sit and do their hair. But you need to pay attention to not let it matt. Believe it or not, they do not shed, and do not smell either. (If they do, you better check into what's causing it, ASAP!) Although if you plan to take them to the beach often, you better keep their hair short, otherwise it could be a mess. When we give them a bath, we use a gentle shampoo, to prevent dry skin, then apply conditioner.

Pulies need to have their daily exercise. Love spending time outside and run around. Most puli I know, love playing ball. They are obedient, naturally listen to you, and very easily trained.

Please contact us to reserve one of our BLACK or WHITE Puli puppies .

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