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Grooming the Corded Hungarian Puli

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Pulik have corded coat, or dreadlocks that gives them a unique look. Black is the dominant color of the breed, but they come in white, grey or maszkos fako (fawn with black mask).

What's That?

When walking your Puli, people will often stop you and ask..."What kind of dog is that?" ...and that is just the beginning of a most likey lengthy conversation about your Puli, that will always go into some detail of the cords, how you maintain it, and they will likely want to put their hands on your well behaved Puli who of course loves the attention.

Basics of the Puli Coat

Pulis believed to be hypo-allergenic, although there is no scientific data that proves that.
Their coat NATURALLY FORMS CORDS, so normally you DO NOT need to sit and do their hair. But you need to pay attention to not let it matt. Believe it or not, they do not shed, and do not smell either. (If they do, you better check into what's causing it, ASAP!)
If you plan to take them to the beach often, you may want to consider keeping their coat short, corded or not, otherwise it could be a mess with all the sand in their coat. A short coat could be beneficial if you spend lots of time outdoors, or if you're just looking for a clean, easy upkeep.

How to take care of, and maintain a healthy, and attractive corded coat?

First it is best to decide if you want to keep your Puli in cords, or not. That decision will lead the path of future upkeep.
If you want to keep them in cords, you MUST NOT BRUSH the coat ever.
Brushing the coat will destroy to cord structure and it will be difficult to cord it later. Even at an early age, when yor puppy still has a fluffy coat, the cord structure can be noticed. It will be more prominent as the Puli ages, and when passing 1 year of age, is when the cords start to matting up.

When we give our Pulis a bath, we use a gentle shampoo, to prevent dry skin, and do not use conditioner, especially if you want the coat cording.
Generously delute the shampoo with water, and pour it over the body, gently massaging it into the coat. If your puli's coat is corded and long, you may fill the tub with water so it reaches their under belly, and let the cords soak a few minutes before starting the shampooing. Rinse, and repeat if needed. Make sure to pay extra attention to the ears. When the coat is visibly clean, make sure you rinse out ALL the shampoo, til the water runs clean. A hand held shower head is extremely beneficial, if not necessary, but if you don't have one, use a small bucket to keep pouring the water over the coat to make sure it's well rinsed.

Squueze out as much water as you can. If your Puli has long cords, you may want to keep them standing in the tub for a few minutes, let it drip, and keep repeating the squeezing. This process will shorten the drying time ;)
Towel dry.... use as many towels as needed. Again this will shorten drying time. Rub and squeeze and repeat.
Our Pulis usually love the process to this point, and patiently stand and wait.

We really enjoy our pulik in full cords. Love to play with them, and don't mind separating cords while watching a movie, but for some people this can be way too much work. I personally rather keep up with the cords then keep brushing or vacuuming dog hair of other breeds. And of course there's is always the option to keep the coat clipped short. ;)

Please feel free to ask questions about the Puli puppy you are planning to bring home. We understand that our treasure could be your nightmare, so don't be afraid to be specific in what you are looking for. We may even make you realize that this breed isn't for you.
Our goal is to place our puppies in good homes, where both you and your puli will be happily living together. :)

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