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Komondor guarding alpacas Komondors - Komondorok in Hungarian - are property and livestock guardian dogs, they do their duty naturaly, without any special training requirement.

They are just magnificent! The King of Dogs.

They grow to about 120 lbs. Their beautiful white coat grows down to the ground, and form long dreadlocks or cords. The komondorok have two different kinds of cords. The traditional "ribbon-like" cords felted to about an inch wide, very hard cords that give excellent protection to the dog against the most serious predators. Some komondorok have the softer, pencil cords, that are more pleasant to the eye and touch, but not as strong as the ribbons.
Komondor with child
They are great with children and other pets, they can be a wonderful addition to any family who enjoy having a big dogs around.

About the Komondor


Height: at least 23.5 inches for females and 27.5 inches for males
Weight: at least 70 lb for females and 80 lbs for males
Color: white
Temperament: obedient, protective, playful, precocious, smart, devoted and affectionate to its owners
Origin: Hungary, 900s

The Komondor is a breed of large, powerful working dog recognized as a distinct breed in Hungary since the 9th century. It stands from 23 1/2 to 31 1/2 in. (60-80 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 75 to 120 lb. Its long, smooth, dense coat is white and shaggy, tending to tangle. The ancestral home of the komondor is stated by many authorities to be the Tibet region of China, although others have traced its origin to the Russian Steppes, from whence it was thought to have been brought into Europe with the migration of Huns. Recently, however, evidence has come to light that strongly suggests that the komondor was the guard dog used by Sumerian shepherds in the Tigris-Euphrates valley 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. Whatever its origins, it is one of the oldest European breeds of dogs, the guardian of herds and homes for centuries. Today it is raised for show competition and as a guard dog and pet.

The Komondor is a flock guardian, not a herder. Originally developed in Hungary to guard large herds of animals on the open plains, the Komondor was charged with protecting the herd by himself, with no assistance and no commands from his master. The mature, experienced dog tends to stay close to his charges, whether a flock or family; he is unlikely to be drawn away from them in chase, and typically doesn't wander far.
Though very sensitive to the desires of his master, heavy-handed training will produce a stubborn, unhappy Komondor. While reserved with strangers, the Komondor is demonstrative with those he loves, selflessly devoted to his family and his charges, and will defend them against any attack. The combination of this devotion to all things dear to him and the desire to take responsibility for them produces an excellent guardian of herds or home, vigilant, courageous, and very faithful.

early socialization is needed so it gets used to strangers
Training of owner: MUST be a leader; be firm, but never aggressive


They have a life span of approximately 12 years and a tendency to develop bloat and ear infection. As with many large breeds, there is also a predisposition toward hip dysplasia.

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