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Komondors - Komondorok in Hungarian - are an ancient breed, bred by the nomadic hun and magyar tribes way before Christ, specifically for guarding property and livestock. They do their duty naturaly, without any special training requirement.

They are just magnificent!
The King of Dogs.

They grow to about 100-120 lbs. Their beautiful white coat grows down to the ground over the years, and naturally form long dreadlocks or cords. The komondor's coat give excellent protection to the dog against the weather as well as against the most serious predators.

The Komondor is a flock guardian by nature. Originally developed in Hungary to guard large herds of animals on the open plains, the Komondor was charged with protecting the herd by himself, with no assistance and no commands from his master. The mature, experienced dog tends to stay close to his charges, whether a flock or family; he is unlikely to be drawn away from them in chase, and typically doesn't wander far.
While reserved with strangers, the Komondor is demonstrative with those he loves, selflessly devoted to his family and his charges, and will defend them against any attack. The combination of this devotion to all things dear to him and the desire to take responsibility for them produces an excellent guardian of herds or home, vigilant, courageous, and very faithful.

Because we live in the mountains, the surrounding woods give home to beautiful mountain lions, bobcats, bears, and of course coyotes. Although we respect them, we want to make sure that our precious alpacas are not going to get hurt, which is the reason we keep these huge guardians, who are on the job right away if there is a predator threatens their charge. Until now, our komondorok's deep voice was enough of a warning to any predator to change course, and find a meal somewhere else.

This is what we call successful guarding.
No bloodshed, no vet bills, just a warning does the magic.

* On the picture above Bundi is posing with the alpaca moms and their cria.
** On the pictures to the right Julka is checking out a newborn alpaca, a new addition to her herd.

The komondor is also great with children and other pets, they can be a wonderful addition to any family who enjoy having big dogs around, and can take on the role of leadership.

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